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Disposable Polyethylene Aprons: High quality, virgin material combines flexibility and resistance to chemical, food and light contamination. Component materials comply with FDA regulations for food contact. Polyethylene coated nylon, which offers great protection from a wide range of chemicals, animal fats, and potential exposure to grease.

Item IDDescriptionQuantity
40300 Apron, Poly, 36"x52"x 1 mil,
MFG Part DP-36X52
40700-YLW Apron, Poly, 28"x46"x2mil, Yellow, Bag
MFG Part Y802-2846
40703 /contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/40703_t.* does not existApron, Poly, 28"x46"x1mil, White, Bag
MFG Part DA2846
40800-BLUE Apron, Poly, 28"x55"x1.5mil, 56-230 Blue
MFG Part 950145
40802 /contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/40802_t.* does not existApron, Blue Poly, 28x55 1.5mil MDP-55B-1
MFG Part DP-55B-1
41305 Apron, Poly, 24x42 1.5mil White MDP-42W
MFG Part MDP-42W
43021 /contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/43021_t.* does not existApron, Poly, 28x46x1mil, Blue MDP-46B-S
MFG Part MDP-46B-S
43052 /contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/43052_t.* does not existApron, Poly, 30"x52"x1.5mil, White, Bag
MFG Part DP-52-500/W
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