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Vikan Waterfed handles utilize a hygienic proprietary thread on one
end that connects to any Vikan hygienic threaded tool. The other
end of the handle connects either a water source (hose) or a water
collection bottle. Part numbers including a “Q” indicate a quick
connect coupler may be used to easily connect/disconnect the
handle from the water source.

Vikan waterfed handles are designed to be paired with waterfed
scrubs (7041, 7043), the adjustable waterfed washing brush (7067),
or the ceiling squeegee (7716).

Item IDDescriptionQuantity
300202 Quick Couple, for Waterfed System, 703
MFG Part 703
300262 Handle,Aluminum, Water-Fed, 59in, 29915
MFG Part 29915
300389 Quick Couple, for Waterfed System 0703US
MFG Part 0703US
300390 Handle, 9ft Telescopic Water-Fed, 2973Q5
MFG Part 2973Q5
300391 /contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/300391_t.* does not existHandle , 59in Alum Water-Fed, Red 29914Q
MFG Part 29914Q
300445-WHT Handle,Telescopic, Water-fed, Wht, 29735
MFG Part 29735
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/proSearch.png does not exist
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