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Suitable for cleaning floors and machinery. By applying a variable amount of tension on the rubber insultated trigger, the user can control the pressure of the water jet. The tool is suitable for many cleaning applications including rinsing off work surfaces and walls after chemical foaming. The water jet can also be adjusted using the screw at the end of gun. An arrow on the water gun indicates the spray direction of the water jet.

Item IDDescriptionQuantity
1500238-BLU Water Gun, Blue, 93243
MFG Part 93243
1500238-GRN Water Gun, Green, 93242
MFG Part 93242
1500238-RED Water Gun, Red, 93244
MFG Part 93244
1500238-WHT Water Gun, White, 93245
MFG Part 93245
1500238-YLW Water Gun, Yellow, 93246
MFG Part 93246
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