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Need help in high places? The removal of ceiling condensation has always been a nuisance, relying on a variety of fixes. Throw out the sponges—we have the right tool! This specialized squeegee and handle system removes and captures condensation effectively.

From Remco Vikan ®, hygienic and efficient cleaning.

Item IDDescriptionQuantity
300400 Handle, 16ft Composite, w/ Bottle, 6268B
MFG Part 6268B
300401 Handle, 16ft Composite, w/Drain, 6268N
MFG Part 6268N
300402 Handle, 16ft Fiberglass, w/Bottle, 6269B
MFG Part 6269B
300403 Handle, 16ft Fiberglass, w/Drain, 6269N
MFG Part 6269N
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