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Bantex Cohesive Gauze Tape is a revolutionary product in finger protection. Applied to individual fingers in industrial applications, it provides exceptional protection while still allowing flexibility, breathability and dexterity... in short, it gives you tougher fingers!

• Dynamically self-bonding
• Water resistance is positive and absolute
• Comfortable and wear-resistant
• Easy and painless to remove

Item IDDescriptionQuantity
214900 Tape, BanTex Cohesive, 1230G, 1"x30Yds
MFG Part 1230G-1in
215000 Tape, BanTex Cohesive, 1230G, 2"x30Yds
MFG Part 1230G-2in
216400 Tape, BanTex Cohesive, 1230G, 3/4"x30Yds
MFG Part 1230GR
220400 Tape, BanTex Cohesive, 1230W, 1"x30Yds
MFG Part 1230W
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