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• Provides Excellent Traction and Sure Footing on Any Surface
• Super-Elastic, Durable Rubber Material
• Molded Metal Cleat Construction
• Easy-On/Easy-Off Rubber "Overshoe" Style Design
• Walk on Ice with Confidence
• Great for Hiking Steep Slopes
• Helps Stop Slipping while Mowing Grass, Etc
• Excellent Traction on Muddy Construction Sites, Etc

Item IDDescriptionQuantity
14350-2X /contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/14350-2X_t.* does not existIce Cleats, 2X, Size 13+ SGT-3
MFG Part SGT-3
14350-LG /contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/14350-LG_t.* does not existIce Cleats, Large, Size 8-11 SGT-1
MFG Part SGT-1
14350-MED /contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/14350-MED_t.* does not existIce Cleats, Medium, Size 5-8 SGT-0
MFG Part SGT-0
14350-XL /contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/14350-XL_t.* does not existIce Cleats, XL, Size 11-13 SGT-2
MFG Part SGT-2
/contentonly.aspx?file=images/proSearch.png does not exist
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