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Just like hard-working machinery, bodies need fuel. And to insure peak performance, your employees need fuel that works as hard as they do … with a taste that keeps them revved up for more.

Sqwincher is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing productivity, while helping to lower the number of workplace accidents. Research shows that a high number of work-related accidents are attributed to “bad judgment” or failure of safety equipment … when, in fact, heat stress and fatigue may actually be the cause.

Stop heat stress before it starts. Introduce a Sqwincher program to your employees … and see how we’ve quickly become The Drink of Industry.

Sqwincher. It’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity.

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Item IDDescriptionQuantity
558800-BERRY Sqwincher, 0.6oz Liquid, Mixed Berry
MFG Part 015300-MB
558800-CHERRY Sqwincher, 0.6oz Liquid, Cherry
MFG Part 015301-CH
558800-CITRUS Sqwincher, 0.6oz Liquid, Cool Citrus
MFG Part 015310-CC
558800-FRTPNC Sqwincher, 0.6oz Liquid, Fruit Punch
MFG Part 015305-FP
558800-GRAPE Sqwincher, 0.6oz Liquid, Grape 015302
MFG Part 015302-GR
558800-L-LIME Sqwincher, 0.6oz Liquid, Lemon Lime
MFG Part 015308-LL
558800-LEMON Sqwincher, 0.6oz Liquid, Lemonade
MFG Part 015303-LA
558800-ORANGE Sqwincher, 0.6oz Liquid, Orange 015304
MFG Part 015304-OR
558800-TEA Sqwincher, 0.6oz Liquid, Tea 015306
MFG Part 015306-TE
558800-TROPCO Sqwincher, 0.6oz Liquid, Tropical Cooler
MFG Part 015309-TR
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