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Vitamin enhanced. From the makers of Gatorade. Smart choices made easy. Propel Fitness Water is a smart choice because it hydrates and nourishes your active body. Take Propel Fitness Water with you anywhere, anytime - to the office, to the gym, whenever you're on the go. Propel hydrates and nourishes your active body with a splash of fruit flavor. Created by the makers of Gatorade, it contains antioxidant Vitamin C, along with B vitamins, which aid in energy metabolism as part of a daily diet.

Item IDDescriptionQuantity
18350-BERRY Propel, 00338, 710ml Bottles, Berry
MFG Part 00338
18350-GRAPE Propel, 00342, 710ml Bottles, Grape
MFG Part 00342
18350-KIWISTRW Propel, 00339, 710ml Bottles, Kiwi Straw
MFG Part 00339
18350-LEMON Propel, 00299, 710ml Bottles, Lemon
MFG Part 00299
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