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The newly developed High Yield Sharp Point Tip and Round Safety Tip Knives with 4¾ inch hollow ground blades feature a unique
curved shape which reduces surface tension and drag while

The angled geometry keeps a sharper edge on line and requires
less effort in the re-sharpening process, increasing productive
blade life & utility. The shape also allows for a generous cutting surface area on the blade’s length, while keeping the hand, wrist, and arm in a
continuous ergonomic cutting motion. Greater dexterity and maneuverability throughout the entire cutting movement facilitates
more precise, fluid cuts.Paired with a lightweight, easyto-grip, neo-textured handle, the knife contours perfectly within the hand, greatly reducing pressure and cutting fatigue. The Rounded Safety Tip Knife prevents cutters from poking themselves or stabbing and flipping breast
meat. The knife is ideal for table breast trim, wing rollers and whole leg and thigh de-boning. The blade easily wraps around wing joints and other areas using only a subtle gesture with rapid, concise control, increasing consistency of yield.

The Sharp Edge Knife, also ideal for breast trim, wing rollers, and whole
leg and thigh de-boning, features the same quality and control of the Rounded Safety Tip. The curved and thin blade geometry allows the knife to be easily maneuvered for precise cuts.

Item IDDescriptionQuantity
16899 /contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/16899_t.* does not existKnife, 11509, 4 3/4" Sharp Tip Deboning
MFG Part 11509
333219 /contentonly.aspx?file=images/items/333219_t.* does not existKnife, 27459, 5 1/4" Curved Deboning
MFG Part 27459
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