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Barricade Tape
"Danger Do Not Enter"
$7.58 / rl
Checklite Safety Classes
Clear Lens
$0.95 / pr
Lens Tissues
$2.10 / bx
Meat Trays
8.25 x 5.75 x 1
$17.25 / cs
Max Lite Earplugs
$16.71 / bx
Fibre-Metal Hard Hat
E2 Orange
$11.62 / ea
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There is no workplace, no matter how safe it may seem, where a worker is immune to foot injury. The hazards vary greatly according to the workplace and the types of tasks the worker performs. The first step in developing a strategy to reduce foot problems is to identify the relevant hazards that may exists in the workplace. Here are some tips on how to avoid some of the most common hazards.
  Standing or working on a hard, unyielding floor can cause a lot of discomfort and long term damage. Anti-fatigue matting provides a cushioning which reduces foot fatigue can help alleviate some of the strain. However, the use of matting requires caution. When installed improperly, it can lead to tripping and slipping accidents.   Proper footwear is important, not only for foot comfort but also for safety. Improper footwear can cause or aggravate existing foot problems. Good footwear should grip the heel firmly and have a fastening across the instep to prevent the foot from slipping. And, remember that protective footwear does not guarantee total protection.
  Slick floors are hazardous for slips and falls that can result in sprained ankles or broken foot bones. Anti-slip flooring, matting, and tape can be used to reduce slipping accidents.   Effective housekeeping reduces the number of accidents at workplaces. For example, loose nails, other sharp objects, and littered walkways are hazards for foot injury.
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To watch Rod Stickman demonstrate the
principles of slip and trip hazards, Click Here.
Hi Vis Hand Wear
Named OHS New Product of the Year in Hand Protection, the ForceFlex Hi-Vis from MCR offers maximum protection from cold environments with water/wind resistant inner breathable liner and 3M Thinsulate lining. Effective in temperatures down to -20°F(-28°C). Extended snow guard cuff with internal pocket for hand warmer. Kevlar reinforced pal pads with rough texture. TPR exoskeleton for back of hand protection. Reflexite reflective material on neoprene slip-on cuff. Click here to Learn More.
Isaac Newton may have proved that 'what goes up must come down', but we humans still regularly feel the need to demonstrate the principle to each other. Here is a compilation of some of these comedic exhibitions of gravity.
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